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to, the ultimate vortal for Greek Lawyers!

'DIKHGOROS' means LAWYER in Greek.
Therefore, this is a web site where Greek Lawyers find various information upon their profession.

DIKHGOROS-online(R) was created by Anastasios A. Parthenis, Greek Advocate at Law - Internet Consultant, who is also the webmaster; more information about him can be found here:

This is an interactive web site.

Along with various useful information, such as legal forms, legal links, a legal journal, digital cards, etc., this site also offers many interactive services for the Greek Lawyers from all over Greece to participate, such as web chat, a legal bulleting board, hosting, email (name@DIKHGOROS.GR), etc. and all for free! In addition, the lawyers-visitors can become partners to this web site and can participate to its evolution and progress in various ways.

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